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The classification of wooden door

Jan 21, 2017

Composite door

Solid wood composite door door core more adhesive such as pine, fir, or entrance fill material. Attached with density board and solid mumupi, after high temperature hot pressing, and solid wood line sealing side. Generally advanced solid wood composite door, the door core is a high quality white pine, more surface for solid wood veneer. Because the white pine density is small, light weight, and easier to control the moisture content, which is lighter, the weight of the finished product door also not easy to be out of shape, craze. In addition, solid wood composite door also has many characteristics, such as thermal insulation, impact resistance, flame retardant, and the sound insulation effect with real wood door basically the same.

Due to the diversity of the modelling of solid wood composite door, design is rich, or delicate European carve patterns or designs on woodwork, or the spelling a flower of of all kinds of Chinese style classical, modern or fashion, different decoration style door to give the broad space for selected consumers.

In addition, material of facing of contemporary wood door to wood veneer and stickers are common. The wooden door because of the rich natural wood texture, and beautiful, strong resistance to impact, but the price is relatively high; Stickers of wooden door is also called "grain wood door", because the price is low, is a popular product, the disadvantage is that it is more easily damaged and fear of water. Solid wood composite door has the characteristics of feel is smooth, colour and lustre downy, it's very environmental protection, strong and durable.