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The maintenance of wooden door

Jan 21, 2017

1, spring, autumn, winter, should pay attention to indoor and ventilated, maintain indoor humidity, make the wooden door in a normal room temperature, humidity, prevent wood due to moisture, temperature difference and deformation, slotted, metal accessories in rust corrosion, sealing side, wood veneer material loss.

2, do not often use hand open the wooden door with tar or other solutions, so as not to lock discoloration. Open the wooden door or turn the door handle, don't too hard, lead to reduce the service life of the wooden door locks. Often hinges, locks and other activities of hardware fittings, loose happened to tighten immediately. Wooden door locks open problems, can add right amount at the end of the pencil lead into the keyhole.

3, winter indoor temperature not too high, it is advisable to keep around 20 degrees), when using electric heater or other heating equipment, distancing himself from the wooden door, lest make, its thermal deformation.

4, painting the walls, to cover of wooden door, in order to avoid coating on the surface of the product, affect the quality wooden door and beautiful.

5, the edges and corners of wooden door don't often friction, so as to avoid damage to material of facing of edges and corners of fade.