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Wooden door appraisal way

Jan 21, 2017

Listen to the sound

When choosing real wood door can the thickness of the door, can also with handle gently knocking at the door, if the voice even dull, explain the door quality is better. Weight: generally, the higher the proportion of solid wood, wooden door the door, the more heavy. If it is pure real wood door, on the surface of the decorative pattern is very irregular. As in the past, smooth and tidy beautiful door surface decorative pattern, is often not true real wood door.

The paint

Late wood processing factory as a set of technology, the use of the pros and cons of it directly affects the final result. At the same time the paint cost is also one of the largest part of the cost of wooden door.

Paint roughly divided into the kinds of phenolic paint, alkyd paint, polyurethane paint, lacquer, polyester paint, PU paint. Because phenolic paint and alkyd paint film texture and poor adhesion of basic elimination in decorating, extensive use of the nitro paint, polyester paint, and high-grade furniture use of PU lacquer. Lacquer because construction is simple, suitable for manual operation, used by most of the decorative wood, but its thin film, feel is not good, the effect is not ideal.

Due to the cost of processing methods and equipment problems, 90% of the doors on the market use polyester paint, a few vendors using PU paint. In general, are through looking for polyester paint, PU paint color, the bottom of the three sides and so on six procedures, some brands increase curing and wax process. So in the choice of wooden door, paint is one of the factors must be considered, it directly affects the texture, feel, moisture, environmental protection, durable, resistant to yellowing.