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Wooden door hot-pressing process

Jan 21, 2017

(1) before each put to compression artifacts, hot plate and workpiece must be clean, make sure no any impurities, good hot pressing temperature and pressure, slowly into the workpiece.

(2) into the artifacts to an orderly, make the machine to receive strength evenly in each place.

(3) each hot-pressing all position as full as possible, and to ensure that the thickness of each layer plate and each layer of wrapping material is same, cannot overlap wrapping material, if can't put the spare plate filled with application of workpiece thickness.

(4) to prevent glue dry, feeding should be completed in two minutes each time, determine the correct and safe, and then start the machine.

(5) pressure after the workpiece surface must level off, smooth, touch without bump, the sense of particles.

(6) spelling a flower should be aligned.

(7) after wrapping, wooden door shall not degumming, transparent glue, cascading from the core, scratches, indentation, touch block, dislocation, oil pollution, basically the same color.