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After The Scratch Of The Copper Door Anti-oxidation Skills

Jul 12, 2017

  After the scratch of the copper door anti-oxidation skills

  Copper door is a new metal door, due to the metal from copper, and its chemical properties are relatively stable, so usually without too much maintenance. But the villa Tongmen with high-quality copper is processed after the spray paint and high temperature paint after the molding, if the surface of the paint was scratched, which will be exposed inside the copper plate. Copper door life is very long, but in the course of the use of bumps in the inevitable, exposed copper plate is bound to be long time the oxidation of the air, resulting in copper green. Therefore, in the process of using copper doors, we must first be careful of the copper door switch, and to prevent it from being sharp objects scratched, if it is scratched, but also take a little small measures to minimize the damage to the copper door.

  First, you can first scratched the place clean, and then painted in the copper door wound nail polish or anti-rust oil to make copper and air isolation, thereby significantly slowing the oxidation of copper doors.

  Second, if the time and conditions permit, usually with a cleanser on the copper door wound scrub, and dry with a dry towel, long-term dry copper door dry mouth can also delay the copper door rust. No matter what kind of metal door, there is a process of being oxidized by air. Copper door is no exception, but the copper door relative to other categories for the oxidation rate is slower. Therefore, the daily proper maintenance of copper doors, often do the cleaning of the copper door can greatly delay the copper door by the air oxidation time, thereby greatly improving the copper door life.