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Buy A Villa Door To Choose A Beautiful And Safe And Reliable Copper Door

Jul 12, 2017

  Buy a villa door to choose a beautiful and safe and reliable copper door

  Doors are the guardian of the family, in addition to the appearance of gorgeous appearance, but also safe and reliable. The ascension of art in modern life is also of great significance to the protection of people's life and property safety and privacy. The door has become a very important device that has been preserved since ancient times. For you to recommend a kind of ancient emperors like the door. That is the bronze door, the beginning of the ancient emperors are made of copper made of copper door. At that time and there is no current technical requirements, and now compared to the current copper door is more solid. Because all the copper door is made of galvanized keel frame, thereby enhancing the hardness of the copper door safety. The beginning of the courtyard Tongmen and villas Tongmen surface both solid wood door color texture, and security doors are safe and reliable.

  Copper is the product of nature, because the amount contained in small, coupled with it with the rare words of this material is more close, so the price is expensive. Value for money is the main problem of copper doors. Followed by the welding process, in order to just anti-theft in the production of villas when the door of the impact of anti-theft copper door performance is an important factor in welding, welding technology directly determine the copper door anti-theft performance. This is also the most effective way to check the quality of copper doors. So consumers in the purchase of anti-theft copper doors should pay special attention to check whether the welding defects, such as welding, not welding, welding and other phenomena will affect the quality of copper doors; if the above situation must ask the business to the purity of copper, processing Process or to the business to obtain raw materials, such as inspection reports.

  As the saying goes, shop around, who is superior to buy who. The same type of product, the price is too low need to be careful to buy, because the copper door is not able to fight the price is low, copper price standards are clear on the surface can be found, unless the copper door manufacturers in order to lose money and sales. The second is to see the copper door with the copper door frame with the compact, the gap is uniform, open whether flexible. All joints are dense. In addition, the qualified villa copper door surface should be anti-corrosion treatment, the general should be spray paint and spray, paint the surface should be no bubbles, color uniformity, most copper doors in the copper door frame is also embedded rubber seal, Will not be issued when the harsh metal collision sound.

  Villa Tong door is different from the courtyard Tongmen it fire, tamper, anti-corrosion, etc. have a good performance. Anti-theft villa Tongmen, all known as "anti-theft security Tongmen." It combines both anti-theft and safe performance. Anti-theft copper doors can be made of different materials, but only to achieve the standard test qualified, to obtain security products to ensure that the copper door can be called anti-theft villa Tongmen.

  Qualified luxury villa Tongmen generally use the Ministry of Public Security Tongmen detection of qualified anti-theft special lock, at the same time, the lock should be more than 3.0mm thickness of the steel plate to protect. Anti-theft special lock is a lot of multi-faceted locks, the advantage is not only the copper door lock, up and down the bar can be inserted into the lock, the copper door to be fixed. Greatly increased the copper door tamper performance.