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Copper Door A Kind Of Appearance And Practicality Are Very Ideal Door Products

Sep 14, 2017

What is the copper door? Copper door, resplendent, calm and heavy, giving people is often a solemn and sacred feeling. Tongmen, used to be used in deep homes to both the symbol of identity is also a strong barrier to protect the door of the strong barrier. Now the copper door began to appear in the home was introduced into the apartment, the villa its extraordinary bearing appearance. Rugged features are also popular by the host respected like.

What are the advantages of copper doors?

1, copper door is a kind of appearance and practicality are very ideal door products, with a classical atmosphere and deep connotation, and the safety of the door is also higher, can be a competent "guardian."

2, practical: copper is a very stable metal, its anti-corrosion performance is very high, copper doors are more durable than ordinary doors, not only does not exist deformation, cracking problems, longer life.

3, aesthetics: the reason why the favorite by the copper door, to a large extent with its fine decorative process, exquisite copper technology used in the copper door, mainly after some relief, hollow, forged after the pattern and auspicious patterns The

4, security: copper door with high-tech lock, anti-theft performance better.

Therefore, the copper door is a symbol of identity, not just a surface of luxury, it is a cultural heritage of the show

Tongmen production process and production process?

First, the copper door welding production process and production process: the production of copper doors also need to pay attention to welding process, copper door welding process is as follows:

1, the quality of welding directly affect the quality of the assembly, so the installation of components, it is necessary to strictly control the welding of the gap, the wrong side of the error, the installation of the assembly after the welding node to be qualified by qualified inspection welder welding.

2, before the preparation of welding

(1) assembled with a good welding node after the inspection to pay welder welding;

(2) check the welding position of the scaffolding is safe and reliable;

(3) clean up the welding groove area, the baking electrode with the insulation tube to the site welding site.

3, welding work:

(1) to avoid welding deformation, welding using symmetrical welding (including welding, vertical welding, inclined welding);

(2) welding process by way of weld slag, in addition to splash, found defects in a timely manner with angle grinding wheel to remove defects;

(3) welding work is completed, the weld area and welding work site clean-up site, transferred to the next welding node.

4, after welding inspection Tongmen production also need to pay attention to the welding process, copper door welding process:

(1) to be welded after the cooling, the weld appearance inspection;

(2) there shall be no cracks in the weld, the weld metal and the parent material are completely fused, all the openings are filled;

(3) Welds should not overflow.

Tongmen production process and production process:

1, according to the actual size of the scene, with the steel welded frame, the interface at full welding treatment, the external button copper welded together.

2, copper plate production methods: tailoring → bending → artificial drawing → chemical oxidation → cleaning → natural drying → spray coating (special varnish) → high temperature oven baking (160 ℃ -220 ℃).

3, copper door frame production methods: material → cutting → welding → grinding → anti-corrosion anti-rust treatment → trimming panning grinding → copper paste paste and cover.

4, when the installation of glass glass and copper interface with glass adhesive sealing treatment, glass and square steel interface with a special anti-collision bar bottom.

5, the installation of the door: According to the location of the door frame, on the ground to find the appropriate location of the fixed spring, and then install the copper door fan.

6, the installation of copper doors Standard: copper doors and copper doors, the gap between the door frame is less than equal to 8mm, copper and copper doors between the flatness of not more than 2mm

Tongmen coloring process and production process? After the color of the copper door, because more aesthetic, and its use, watch the value is relatively high, and thus by the people generally welcomed. Colored copper in addition to a beautiful appearance, as decoration, but also can improve the wear resistance of copper and corrosion resistance, therefore, coloring technology developed a new field of surface treatment.

1, the treatment process: degreasing rust in addition to oxide - washing - pickling polishing - washing - and - washing - coloring - washing - drying and other post-processing

2, pickling polishing recommended use of copper pickling polishing liquid for processing. The purpose is to make the brass surface shiny.

3, the goods for the working fluid, the workpiece soaked in the goods, about 2 minutes brass surface that becomes black cyan, according to the experimental results. Soaking time is 20-25 minutes, the surface color change the best quality, can get better anti-rust performance. The workpiece can be repeated soaking, increase the color layer thickness, can obtain satisfactory results.

4, if you want to achieve bronze, after the above steps, can be used sandpaper friction, in order to achieve the desired results.