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Copper Door Cleaning, Ventilation Need To Pay Attention To Matters

Nov 01, 2017

Bronze doors are cleaned, the ventilation is needed to be noticed, but also noted that in other parts of the house will not affect the use of copper doors in the field. How to extend the life of the copper door copper door, give you more points.

1, the use of copper doors, do not hang the door too heavy or avoid sharp objects touch, start from scratch, open or close the door do not often use excessive force or open angle is too large, so as not to damage the copper door.

2, do not use it with water (or other solution) to open the door, so as not to lock the color. When you open the door or turn the door handle, do not be too difficult to reduce the life of the lock. Hinges, lock hardware accessories, loose immediately tighten other regular activities. The door lock does not work in the open state, you can add the right amount of foam pencil into the keyhole, remember something like cooking oil lubrication.

3, (glass door) Cabo, unclean agent or water made of glass beads cracks, so do not have to deformation. Do not use excessive force to avoid damage to glass and personal injury. Glass broken or large after the mass, be sure to ask professional maintenance personnel for maintenance works.

4, remove the door surface stains (such as fingerprints) can be used for wet breathing, with a soft cloth, wipe with a hard cloth is very easy to scratch the surface, the stain is too heavy when using neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture Cleaning agent, decontamination, immediately wipe clean. Copper door, so as not to fade the corner of the face of material damage to the edge do not often rub. Wood products, remove the dust and soft cotton scrub, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove. To keep the copper surface, long service life, regular cleaning, dusting, the use of wooden decorative products to protect the surface of the curing liquid.

The practicality of copper doors

Copper is a very stable metal, it has a high corrosion resistance, daily care, as long as you can. However, copper is a natural preservative, but when a lot of sulfur and sulfide, vulnerable to changes in chemical substances. So you need to remind you that the copper door if used in the outdoors, as the door of the villa, you want to give it inside the door frame, protect the rain from the rain and snow down to prevent the precipitation of sulfide corrosion.

The copper door has the following characteristics:

Security: bronze doors, high-tech equipped with locks, anti-theft performance better.

Practicality: copper is a very stable metal, it has a high corrosion resistance, copper doors more durable than the normal door, not only where there is no deformation, no cracking, longer life.

Aesthetics: Tongmen favorite to a large extent with its exquisite decorations, fine copper in the copper door, mainly through the relief associated with hollow, forged after the pattern and pattern.