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Copper Door Gate Welding Process Problems

Aug 08, 2017

  Copper Door gate welding process problems

  The quality of the copper door has a direct relationship with the welding technology, so we welding workers must be strictly in accordance with industry standards, while the construction workers' responsibility is very critical, but also the need for professional inspectors to ensure product quality, then the welding process Time should pay attention to those problems?

  First, the preparatory work before welding is very important

  The preparation of the welding before the direct impact of the next step to the quality of welding, so we must choose before welding professional welding master, and must choose a modern welding equipment, at the same time just the preparation of the welding point, scaffolding safe and reliable Important, the quality of the electrode protection, and many other factors we must be very prepared, so as to achieve accurate welding, to achieve the desired welding effect.

  Second, the welding work carried out

  Welding process is very critical, so in order to prevent deformation of symmetrical welding is very important, the welding process of the residue and so on in time to clean up some of the shortcomings of the timely polish, after the end of the clean-up site to clean up the next transfer of a welding point, the welding process Be careful not to have the slightest slack.

  Third, the inspection after welding work

  In order to achieve the quality of the welding effect, so we should be in the welding after cooling the appearance of the inspection, and if there are cracks in a timely manner, found that the problem must be decisive way to deal with the right way. If necessary, you can hire a more professional designer to guide.

  For the welding process a lot of copper doors are very concerned about, because only a more professional welding master, more sophisticated welding equipment in the professional norms under the true welding, so as to ensure the accuracy of welding, welding technology, superb, welding The effect of the advantages of expression, these are the key to the quality of copper doors, so the above copper door welding preparation work, welding work, check the performance is particularly important.