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Copper Door There Is No Deformation Cracking Problem

Nov 03, 2017

Copper door, magnificent, calm and thick, give people often is a solemn and sacred feeling. Copper door, formerly used in deep home is not only a symbol of identity is also a strong barrier to protect the peace inside the door. Now the copper door began to be introduced into the home apartment, villas its bearing an extraordinary appearance. The rugged nature of the main people to support the full face. Copper door performance characteristics are very many, the most prominent is its appearance characteristics, copper door is not bad, but also because of its temperament, never outdated. To the main building of copper door, ancient China has, copper nature of moist, corrosion-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidation, not easy to damage, longevity longer than wood, compared to brick, copper door more resistant to age, and elegant grace, hue gorgeous, vigorous calm without losing elegance, Cang gu contains new ideas. Through Seiko build, the ingenuity of the thick, the shape of the United States. The traditional architecture of the elegant, but also without losing the solid material, and waterproof, anti-corrosion, the exquisite copper technology and modern science and technology perfect combination, can make the limited space volatile infinite bearing.

Copper is a very stable metal, its anti-corrosion performance is very high, as long as the conventional method of care can be. However, although the copper door is naturally antiseptic, it is easy to produce chemical changes when it encounters a large amount of sulphur and sulfide. Therefore, it is necessary to remind you that, if the door used in the outdoor, such as Villa door, etc., it should be wrapped in the outer frame of the door, free from rain and snow, to prevent the corrosion of sulfide in precipitation.

In fact, the copper door is popular, to a large extent, with its exquisite decoration, these decorations are copper art. As an ancient art, copper is used in copper doors, mainly through relief, hollowing out, forged patterns and auspicious patterns. Compared with the classic animals in the dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, turtle four God beast and lions, kylin, deer, cranes, mandarin ducks and other plants, or have the text decorative abstract patterns supplemented, reposing people evil spirits, drive evil, blessing and other good wishes. In addition, today some European-style copper doors in detail carved on the western architectural decorative elements, such as in the copper door on both sides of the use of Doric-style, Eonic-type, Collins-style, Taskan-type, composite, such as a variety of classical Greek, Roman style, the whole feeling gorgeous atmosphere.

In the practical aspect, the copper door is more durable than the ordinary door, not only does not have the distortion, the crack problem, moreover has the high technology to lock, the anti-theft performance is better, the service life is longer.

Key points for selecting copper door lock

For copper door locks to consider the aesthetic and safety of two aspects. Copper door texture luxurious, with lock also want atmosphere solemn, cannot flow in normal. A lot of copper doors with locks on the above to make a variety of decorations, such as carved, pattern, in order to match with the copper door, choose as far as possible with the copper door temperament is quite high-tech lock. In addition, the security of the lock is also important. Now there are many high-tech locks, such as fingerprints, passwords, mechanical triple lock, can be used for copper doors.