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Copper Doors Became The First Choice For Many Home Renovations

Oct 13, 2017

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's safety awareness is getting stronger and stronger, copper door has become a lot of home decoration of choice. Courtyard copper door widely used, followed by a lot of problems, it is vulnerable to wind and frost erosion, short life, so the care is very important.

1, dry brush method. Case of rust or rust attached to the relatively shallow, should try to avoid the use of vinegar bubble and other chemical means, and can switch to dry brush method. The specific method is to choose a large oil brush, the brush on the palm of the hair cut from the roots of 0.5-0.7 cm can make


2, in the open door lock, do not let your hands with water, or there is a solution, so that when the door lock will have an impact on the life of copper doors, you do not use such a large force, these All we need to pay attention to. The door is often active above the hardware accessories, and it occurs in the loose when the need for timely tightening. When the door is open, it is not time consuming. We can add some amount of pencil core to the key. Remember that you should use something like oil.

3, copper doors at the edges and corners we do not have to rub, otherwise, etc., edges and corners there will be faded and broken. We are in the removal of wood products above the dust, do not use soft cotton to wipe, and should be used to remove the vacuum cleaner, it is to keep the copper door surface gloss, often clean it to its conservation.