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How To Distinguish Bad Steel Wooden Door

Aug 03, 2017

  How to distinguish bad Steel Wooden Door

  Now, Steel Wooden Door have obviously become the first choice for home decoration indoor doors, there are many consumers understand a lot of knowledge about Steel Wooden Door in the procurement of Steel Wooden Door have been a preliminary purchase awareness. Buy Steel Wooden Door, consumers want to be able to properly buy their own good quality Steel Wooden Door, how to distinguish low quality Steel Wooden Door?

  First, pay attention to Steel Wooden Door door plate

  In general, Steel Wooden Door door market door materials are divided into four kinds.

  1, multi-layer board veneer door cover: multi-layer coated PVC material, because the surface is a fit process, the use of high humidity environment is very easy to expand, degumming, deformation, moldy, in the event of a serious impact on the use of life.

  2, MDF door cover: the main use of MDF surface stickers do paint or paste PVC film production, because the density board is straw fiber with glue, made by high pressure, it will be in the water after swelling, mold, deformation, after expansion Its density greatly reduced, thus affecting the nail force and service life.

  3, steel door sets: the use of a steel door frame of the production process, the door and the door without color, formed by the steel plate, the surface using transfer paint process. Most of these doors for the single-sided lines and a single line, the installation method and the same Steel Wooden Door, so that it lost the essence of Steel Wooden Door and windows interior doors.

  4, multi-layer UV paint trim door cover: is a new type of door sets, multi-layer board using transfer wood, the surface of UV paint finishes, full color products, bright, due to the use of UV paint finishes so that products To achieve the best use of the state, with no deformation, no cracking, moisture, heat, wear, no pollution and so on.

  Second, we should pay attention to the steel door facade of the process

  There are two main categories of steel door facets: 1 coating process (commonly known as film process) The surface of the steel sheet coated with wood grain PVC material, the production is the use of high temperature heat to the PVC material coated on the surface of steel, this product In use due to temperature changes, often appear degumming, from the film, fade and other issues, and in the bump and scratch the facade after the film and rust from the serious. 2 thermal transfer paint process: the steel plate after phosphating anti-rust treatment, and then by the surface spray, and then bake, and then through the transfer technology will be printed on the wood grain surface, do paint, after baking, and Car paint technology is fully synchronized. Reliable performance.

  Third, the line material

  The lines on the market are divided into three categories:

  1, wood-plastic lines: wood-plastic substrate surface coating (PVC) or stickers paint, because of its surface using the process, in the use of veneer and the substrate between the easy to fall off, prone to surface foam, Substrate powder and other phenomena;

  2, plastic steel lines: plastic substrate surface film (PVC), because of its surface using the bonding process, in the use of veneer and the substrate between the easy to fall off, there surfaced layer of foam and so on;

  3, plastic steel paint lines: high-quality plastic steel substrate surface using transfer wood and UV paint finishes, products full color, bright, so that the product to achieve the best condition.

  Fourth, the thickness of steel plate

  Steel plate thickness is the best part of the product quality, due to the diversification of market prices, steel plate thickness is also different, such as to achieve the product surface smooth, smooth, stable performance, steel plate thickness should reach 0.5mm and 0.5mm above, Hit, impact resistance in order to achieve good results. And some of the poor quality products, use 0.3mm or thinner steel plate,

  Resulting in poor surface roughness, lack of door steel. This product seriously disrupted the Steel Wooden Door of the industry's normal competitive order, damage the interests of consumers, to the Steel Wooden Door of the dealers also bring more quality complaints and after-sales problems, the proposed market resolutely resist this inferior products.

  Consumers in the purchase of Steel Wooden Door products, should avoid the poor quality Steel Wooden Door, the correct way to correctly distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of Steel Wooden Door and doors, select high-quality products, so as not to suffer from consumer rights and interests.