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How To Introduce Steel Wooden Door Are Different

Aug 03, 2017

  How to introduce Steel Wooden Door are different

  Steel Wooden Door have the following characteristics: fashionable, full color and color. Beautiful and generous, rich artistic sense, three-dimensional sense of strong. The surface of the use of chromatography process, applicable to all types of room style, elegant, personalized design, strength of the perfect interpretation of quality of life;

  The use of high-quality steel plate embossed and wood within the composite made of ribs, fashionable and rich colors;

  The introduction of advanced technology and equipment, a unique thermal transfer technology, sophisticated technology. Steel plate through the chemical degreasing, rust, phosphating, and then electrostatic spraying, high temperature baking, after the transfer was natural wood grain; facade realistic, bright color, feel smooth, delicate, durable products;

  High hardness, good gloss, no deformation, anti-aging, is a high-end luxury products;

  Anti-cracking, moisture-proof, anti-fouling, heat, crack, strong deformation, sound insulation effect is good, is a durable product;

  Non-toxic, tasteless, non-formaldehyde, toluene, no radiation pollution, environmental health, is an excellent green products; ☆ door frame and the perfect combination of doors, easy installation, save time and labor, food, money, is affordable.

  Steel Wooden Door are extended by the security door out of the indoor door, its technology and anti-theft door similar, but the main frame made of wood, the middle of the honeycomb filled with synthesis. Features are environmentally friendly, easy to clean, affordable,

  Disadvantages: poor texture, less modeling, inconvenient maintenance.

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