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Little Tips To Help You Remove The Copper On The Copper Door

Oct 25, 2017

Copper door material is mainly copper, copper long-term exposure to the air will cause oxidation is the so-called copper rust, copper rust is copper in the air knot and water is the result of oxidation, generally green, known as copper green. In fact, the most common is the national cultural relics unearthed in the copper ornaments, the kind of green green is very common. The reason why copper can save thousands of years, but also its stability has a great relationship. Copper doors on the green rust will seriously affect the ornamental copper doors. On the villa door and the hotel copper door, the more can not let the rust appeared in the facade. The following will introduce several ways to completely remove the rust on the copper door. Make your bronze gorgeous as new!

1, vinegar bubble method. With a towel dipped in vinegar, rusty copper door to wipe, the effect will be very slow, if you want to remove the rust, you need to repeatedly wipe. This method is not recommended, although the vinegar can rust, but his small acid, chemical reaction is slow, it may take more than ten hours or even a day to remove. So do not recommend that we use this method to remove copper rust.

2, water immersion method. Rusty copper doors sometimes cover a layer of rust can not afford to rust, then you can first rusty copper into the bowl, and then into the temperature of 80 ℃ to 90 ℃ of boiling water until the immersion. 5 minutes after the removal, with a small brush to clear, dry can. Encountered rusty rust, but also the water heated to boiling, so rust off the rust.

3, dry brush method. Case of rust or rust attached to the relatively shallow, should try to avoid the use of vinegar bubble and other chemical means, and can switch to dry brush method. The specific method is to choose a large oil painting pen, the brush on the brown hair from the roots of 0.5-0.7 cm can be used. First to be rusty copper door to be fixed, hold the oil brush root evenly brush, pay attention to force, otherwise the effect is poor, and then washed with water. Finally dry with a dry towel to keep the copper door dry.

4, heating method. This method is mainly for rusty rust. The main component of the rust is ferric oxide, its molecular structure is relatively loose, so the use of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction can make some rust rust off. However, the use of this method, we must pay attention to add a container (such as pots and other metal containers), in addition to the best addition of some water. Followed by the heating time should not be too long, generally heated three or four minutes later, remove the wet towel with a cover, rust will naturally fall off. Choose the heating method rust, the object should be iron is still good and relatively rusty rust rust, absolutely can not be serious corrosion and copper body has been very fragile copper rust with the heating method rust, otherwise the already fragile copper body can not withstand high temperature And fragmented, fragmented.