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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Copper Door

Jul 25, 2017

  Maintenance and maintenance of copper doors


  1, in the course of the use of non-hard objects, sharp objects collision products.

  2, is strictly prohibited high oxidation, strong corrosive chemicals direct contact with the product. If you accidentally contact the chemical surface of the product, please immediately clean with water, and wipe the water with cotton cloth, and then sprayed with a cleaning agent on the surface of the product for cleaning and maintenance.

  3, in the decoration process, should pay special attention to protection, so as to avoid damage to the product; the next frame made of U-shaped groove made of wood protection; if your walls need to be cleaned, especially the marble wall in the cleaning, for cleaning Wall chemicals, such as oxalic acid and other substances will seriously damage the product, in the wall before cleaning, must be sealed with plastic film protection, is strictly prohibited to contact the surface of the product.

  4, after the installation of the product, please within 30 days the product surface protective film off, so as not to protect the film attached to the product, affecting the appearance.

  5, do not force too much to open and close the door; do not force open the door.

  6, can not be applied in the keyhole a variety of oil and other substances, so as to avoid keyhole blockage. In case of a door can not normally open or other problems affecting the use of copper doors, please contact my company after-sales service.

  7, the product should try to avoid direct exposure to rain and sunlight, if often by the rain or direct sunlight, will shorten the appearance of copper doors life, if the product may be installed after the rain or direct sunlight, it is recommended to install the customer Canopy


  Tongmen in the course of the use of regular cleaning and maintenance, the general interval of 25 days, the specific cleaning method is as follows:

  Step 1: Dust on the copper door with duster.

  The second step: the detergent evenly sprayed on the copper door surface; (cleaning agent can be used Belle and other household cleaning supplies, the market for sale)

  The third step: three minutes later, with a clean cotton cloth to clean the surface of copper doors and stains at every corner.

  Such as in the course of the use of the key is difficult to insert the keyhole, or the rotation is not flexible, please apply with pencils in the keyhole to lock the keyhole