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Select The Copper Door To Pay Attention To The Finishes

Nov 01, 2017

Select the copper door that should pay attention to the finishes, modeling and paint color, but also depends on the manufacturer issued the proof. First of all, consumers in the choice of copper doors should first check whether this product has a national product quality certification certificate, the certificate is written on the detection of copper doors of the detection category, to avoid the purchase of quality, but off the copper door.

Second, the appearance of copper doors is very good appearance. In the total amount of decoration investment, the cost of copper doors generally account for five percent to six percent, the price of materials, paint, labor, processing technology and corporate profits. At present, the market price of copper doors sold different, technical content is also different. Tongmen enterprises compete mainly in the performance of materials, work and paint, etc., the quality is uneven. So, after understanding the market's regular price, it is recommended that consumers do not buy ultra-low-priced products. Finally, pay attention to the use of copper doors to ensure that it is consistent with the overall style of decoration. Currently on the market are mostly filled with copper doors, copper outside the material, so made a copper door.

Advantages of a: copper doors can highlight the grade

Compared with other categories, copper doors in addition to resplendent, calm atmosphere, there is a feature that is favorable feng shui. Because the copper door is a symbol of honor and auspicious, in ancient times only the emperor will be the door of the door to use the copper door, and now with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, copper doors also flew into the homes of ordinary people. In the feng shui is a noble and elegant copper door, a symbol of good luck! Not only can make the home look more luxurious, but also highlight the identity of the nobility. The higher value of copper doors, is conducive to highlight the master's taste, enhance the grade. Like the family of faithful "patron saint".

Advantages of two: copper door accessories high security

Tongmen will be equipped with high-grade anti-theft lock, heaven and earth security bolt, door joints bright and dark bolt, anti-theft quality is very good, can ensure the safety of home life.

Advantage of three: copper can be kept forever new

Copper is always copper, its descendants will not change. Copper will appreciate, and future generations will benefit. In other words, copper can remain permanent, is a more long-term investment.

Advantage of four: expensive and high grade

"Things are rare" Tongmen luxury style highlight the identity of the nobility, taste rising, the value of high status! From the perspective of feng shui, copper doors can be a safe and secure, so there are more people favor the installation of copper doors into the door.

Advantage 5: excellent color effects

From the feng shui said, the color of the copper door and the owner of the five elements to match the color, can bring wealth and good luck. If your door is used to access the door, will carry some unique texture. In addition, copper door color, style, flower pattern rich!

Advantage 6: copper is a precious metal

Copper door, the dictionary explained as: Golden Gate Golden Gate. Because it is copper, copper is gold and silver after the third heavy metal!