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Steel Glass Door Purchasing Skills

Sep 30, 2017

Although the country is now more aggressive in its crackdown, but in some of the more remote areas there will be a lot of bad businessmen to sell fakes for the benefit. This kind of behavior not only has caused the consumer the very big harm, has also brought the bad influence to the real product, for some product development very disadvantageous. When we buy FRP windows and doors, Be sure to know some relevant knowledge beforehand, or to find experienced people to buy together, to avoid being deceived. So how to choose the FRP door? Let's get down to the next step.

How to choose FRP doors? FRP Door Selection Tips

1. Look at the weight

FRP because of the use of glass fiber and unsaturated resin and other materials, in quality than the ordinary door much lighter.

The common door is mainly made of alloy, the application of new materials is less, in weight and hardness than FRP doors and windows slightly worse, and some other features are not good FRP doors.

2. Judging by sound

Take the wooden door, the sound of the tapping and the aluminum alloy door is markedly different, and the plastic steel door will have some differences. For FRP doors, because of the use of materials and aluminum alloy door, there are obviously different, so there are some differences in voice, its sound more crisp and with a little echo feeling, Unlike the sound of metal that comes out of an aluminum door.

3, through heat resistance to identify

FRP door is not easy to melt, in 200 degrees below basically will not appear deformation, and FRP door thermal conductivity is not high, through the glass fiber reinforced plastic door part of the heating, according to the speed of heat transfer to judge. General doors are heated, especially some metal doors.

The above is to the FRP door to buy the skill explanation, I hope to help you. FRP doors have a lot of advantages, but there is also a certain shortage, now a lot of manufacturers of FRP door production technology is not very mature, the manufacture of FRP doors will have some problems, so in the purchase must choose a better brand.