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Steel Glass Door Strong Anti-Aging Ability

Nov 03, 2017

FRP Doors when the fifth generation of doors and windows products, in wood, steel, aluminum, plastic, because of its excellent performance in the international wide acclaim. FRP Door has a solid, thermal insulation, anti-corrosion and other high-quality, but also has a beautiful fashion, colorful unique advantages. Compared to other windows and doors products, FRP doors will not be caused by the heat of the sun, the expansion of the phenomenon will not be affected by the winter cold air and contraction, with good stability. And the service life is long, has the strong anti-aging performance, also does not need the extra metal to strengthen. FRP doors are very high-quality building products.

As a new type of composite material, FRP is the product of science and technology in the 20th century, which has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, insulation insulation and sound insulation. The use of FRP doors for material production, not only have a good experience, but also play the role of energy saving. In the long run, the use of FRP doors can provide some protection for the ecological environment.

But because the FRP door is still light, the development in our country is not smooth sailing. Although there are many advantages, but the shortcomings of FRP door is also obvious. Especially due to the characteristics of FRP, the hard brittleness of FRP doors is higher. In the installation process is easy to cause scratches, and the resulting damage is difficult to repair. In other words, if the installation process because the protection is not in place and caused by the rub-and-hang collision, then this piece of glass steel door in the aesthetic caused irreparable damage, it is equivalent to waste a piece of material. This is a very serious problem, and people are also working hard to find out how to solve it.

In China, FRP door technology is not mature. The manufacturing process of FRP doors is complicated, but it lacks skilled workers, so the production efficiency is very slow. But there is a part of the business for profit, in the case of the quality of FRP doors can not be guaranteed, it is premature to play with fiberglass door as the selling point of gimmicks, which is not only disturbing the market order, so many imperfect FRP door products circulated in the business summary, but also caused the consumer to the FRP door bad impression.

In full, the domestic FRP door quality is mixed, consumers should learn to distinguish when buying. First of all, the better quality of FRP doors have a feature, that is, high-strength and light quality. FRP profiles are holes in the middle, with a relative density of only 1.08, with good flexural elasticity. In the purchase, you can touch the FRP door and feel its quality. In addition, the FRP door sealing performance is also very good, and has the characteristics of heat preservation and energy saving, so this is also one of the reference conditions for the purchase of FRP doors. If you can not determine the good or bad, please choose a professional escort, do not easily trust the words of the business.