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Steel Glass Door Through The Pultrusion Process, The Production Of The Profile Is Assembled And Made Into Windows And Doors

Oct 23, 2017

FRP profiles are glass fiber and its products for the enhancement of materials, unsaturated polyester resin as the base material, through the pultrusion process to produce the profile through the assembly of the production of windows and doors, FRP doors and windows are following wood, steel, aluminum, plastic after another generation of new doors and windows.

FRP doors and windows have the following excellent characteristics:

First, light and high strength

FRP profiles in the density of about 1.7, it is lighter than steel $number times, and the strength is very large, its tensile strength 350~450mpa, with ordinary carbon steel, bending strength of 388mpa, bending elastic modulus 20900mpa, so do not need steel lining reinforcement, "Fangyun" brand FRP windows tested, Anti-wind pressure performance of 5 3kpa, more than the international GB/T7106-2002 standard Level 8.

Second, energy-saving insulation

The thermal conductivity of FRP profiles is 0.39w/m·k, only metal 1/100~1/1000, is a good insulation material. In addition, the FRP profile is an empty structure, and all the cracks have a rubber strip, top seal, so the heat insulation effect is remarkable. After testing, FRP casement window (single frame double glass window, heat transfer coefficient k0=2). 2w/(㎡·k, is the standard of GB gb/t8484-2002 8 level; FRP Casement window (single frame three glass window, heat transfer coefficient k0=1). 8w/(㎡·k, GB gb/t8484-) 2002 Standard 9 level, FRP Casement window (single frame three glass window, low radiation glass, heat transfer coefficient k0=1.3w/(㎡·k, belongs to the standard of GB gb/t8484-2002 level 10).

Third, good sealing performance

FRP doors and windows in the assembly process, the corner treatment using adhesive and screw bonding process, while all the cracks are used rubber and wool seal, coupled with special profile structure, so good sealing performance. By the National Building Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection center, Beijing Construction Hardware Plumbing products quality supervision and inspection station, Beijing Construction Engineering Quality Testing Center, respectively, the tightness of the gb/t7107-2002 standard to meet the 5-level level; Water tightness performance reaches GB gb/t7107- 2002 Standard Level 3.

Four, health, green environmental protection, energy saving effect is remarkable

FRP Door and window profile the test results conform to the requirements of the building main material in the $literal "The Building Materials radionuclide limit", the test result 0.2, the internal irradiation index 0.2, the external irradiation index 0.2.

Five, sound insulation effect is good

By the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection center testing, "Fangyun" brand glass fiber reinforced plastic double glass and three glass windows Air acoustic weight of sound insulation to 36db and 39db respectively, sound insulation performance level of 4.

VI. Corrosion resistance

FRP is a good corrosion resistant materials, acid, alkali, salt and most of the organic matter, seawater and humid have a good resistance to the role of microorganisms also have resistance to performance. This characteristic is especially suitable for use in rainy, humid and coastal areas, and corrosive media sites.

VII. Good dimensional stability

The linear expansion coefficient of FRP profiles is 7.3x10-6/℃, less than steel and aluminum alloy, is 1/15 of plastic. Therefore, the size stability of FRP doors and windows, temperature changes will not affect the normal switching function of doors and windows.

Eight, good weather resistance

FRP is a thermosetting plastic, resin cross-linked after the formation of three-dimensional network molecular structure, become insoluble melt, even if the heat will not melt. The thermal deformation temperature of FRP profiles is above 200 ℃, which is good for high temperature resistance. and low temperature resistance is better.

IX. Good insulation performance

FRP is a good insulating material, it is not affected by electromagnetic waves, do not reflect radio waves, good microwave, can withstand high voltage without damage. Therefore, FRP windows and doors to the field temporary buildings and communications system buildings have a special purpose.

Ten. Good damping performance

The elastic modulus of FRP profiles is 20900, the doors and windows made of it have high damping frequency, the combination of resin and fiber interface in FRP has the ability of absorbing and resisting earthquakes, which avoids the early damage caused by the resonance of the structural parts under working condition.

XI. Colorful

FRP profiles have high hardness, can be coated with a variety of paint, made of various colors of the doors and windows to adapt to different styles and grades of building facades effect.