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Steel Security Door Installation Attention Problems And Purchasing Skills

Oct 23, 2017

The installation of anti-theft door is now a lot of friends living in residential quarters of the essential choice of commercial housing, it can be very good to protect our security, anti-theft door materials have a lot, the family can choose according to their own needs. Steel anti-theft door is now a lot of families choose the anti-theft door, through the material we can see its quality. So the steel anti-theft door installation attention problem?

Steel anti-theft door installation attention problem?

1, the door frame fixed and loose: The installation must strictly comply with the process procedures, to ensure the number of connectors, and according to the wall material selection of the way to connect.

2, the box fan warping deformation, closed not strict: Fire anti-theft door installation, must be carried out by the orange inspection, such as warping deformation of the phenomenon of welding, should be replaced;

3, Steel door back rust: Before the steel door installation, should check the antirust paint, handling, installation should prevent collision and wipe off the change of surface paint film;

What are the tips for choosing security doors?

1, the purchase of anti-theft door consumers should be in accordance with the bedroom door size, open direction, color patterns and other realistic requirements to choose the appropriate anti-theft security doors.

2, anti-smashing function is an important function of anti-theft security door, in the purchase of anti-theft door can ask the dealer to produce the inspection of the department confirmed that the product level should conform to the national standard gb-2007 "anti-theft security door general skills requirements" skills.

3, pass the security door door of the frame of the thickness of the steel plate should be above 2mm, door body thickness is generally above 20mm, should check the weight of the door, generally should be above 40kg, and can be removed by the process of cat eyes, doorbell box or lock handle and other ways to check the internal layout of the door body, The steel plate thickness of the door body should be 1. More than 0mm, within a number of reinforcing steel bar, so that the door front and rear panel organically adjacent to all the way, enhance the overall strength of the door body, the door is good with asbestos, such as fire, heat insulation, noise-proof function of the material as a filler, with the hand tapping the door body issued " The consumer opens and closes the door with a flexible hand.

4, inspection process quality: should pay attention to check for welding defects, such as open welding, welding, leakage welding phenomenon. Look at the doors and door of the frame is not dense, the gap is not uniform, open is not flexible, the joint is not dense, the appearance of the door should be anti-corrosion treatment of punishment, generally should be spray paint and spray, paint layer appearance should have no bubbles, color uniformity, most doors in the framework of the door also inlaid with rubber seal strip, The closing of the door will not emit a sound of sharp and fair metallic collisions.

5. Brand Guarantee: Brand is the mark of product bit and service. Brand first refers to product brand and dealer brand, in the market to buy anti-theft door, good to the formal large-scale home construction materials city to buy. The purchase should also pay attention to the anti-theft door "fam" Mark, Enterprise name, implementation norms and other content, in line with the norms of the door can be both safe and reliable.

6, the installation of a good anti-theft door, users of the first check key, insurance policy, as well as after-sales service orders and other accessories and information and anti-theft door manufacturers supply of accessories and information, etc. is not consistent, must not present the situation of fewer keys. With the key to open the lock installed in the door body, the lock should be flexible, no card lag phenomenon; the door in the process of opening 90, should be flexible and free, no card resistance, abnormal sound and so on.

Through the above for friends to bring about "steel anti-theft door installation attention to the problem?" anti-theft door shopping skills have what "question answer, believe that friends for the steel anti-theft installation issues also have a comprehensive understanding and understanding, if friends on the anti-theft door selection is not very familiar with the words, can also refer to the above introduction to choose, I'm sure it will bring you help.