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Steel Security Door Widely Used In The Indoor And Outdoor Buildings

Sep 30, 2017

Steel security doors are widely used in indoor and outdoor buildings. For the use of steel doors outside the normal use of a variety of uses of steel doors, the need for galvanized steel, the reinforcement using oxygen protection welding to strengthen the installation, the installation of waterproof threshold (or bottom seal), anti-theft, anti- High quality coating to suit the outdoor sun and rain in the harsh working environment.

The appearance of the steel door on the market is very similar to that of the anti-theft door. From the anti-theft performance, the standard anti-theft door steel plate is thick, the impact resistance is strong, the implementation of the national strong standard; and the steel door is the implementation of their own corporate standards, High-quality steel doors are currently widely used in hospitals, research and development centers, government offices, foreign offices and industrial plants. In the country, a lot of steel door manufacturers, products uneven, low market positioning, the main manufacturers to focus on the weight, while ignoring the importance of the quality of the product.

First of all, in the purchase of anti-theft security door, the dealer's business qualifications to be certified to see whether the operator holds the Public Security Bureau of technical management departments issued the "anti-theft security door certification." Second, pay attention to carefully check, qualified anti-theft door frame steel plate thickness should be more than 2mm, the door thickness is generally more than 20mm, the weight of the door is generally more than 40kg. Third, in the purchase of anti-theft security door, we should pay attention to check the anti-theft door is printed on the national certification standard "FAM" words, you can also ask the dealer to provide the brand security door of the national security security door inspection report. If it is not a national inspection report, it is necessary to pay special attention to see its content is "anti-theft security door" inspection report, or "steel into the door" inspection report.

Steel industry development is also very rapid, according to industry statistics, the country initially reached the factory production of steel doors of the enterprise has more than 10,000, and showed growth, large-scale production, a formal production license of the steel home business About 110 or so, mainly concentrated in Zhejiang Yongkang, Hebei, Liaoning, Beijing, Tianjin and other places, the annual output of about 1.8 million square meters. Steel fire doors about more than 300 enterprises, centralized to the fire department management. China's economy continues to maintain high growth, the development of the door industry has provided the impetus. The state on the "implementation of the scientific concept of development" requirements and "scientific and technological innovation" system for the development of excellent door enterprises to create the conditions. At present should be to enhance their brand and image of the inflection point: to strengthen technology research and development efforts to expand the scale of production, improve the degree of modernization of production, participation in domestic and foreign market competition. At this time in the door industry to develop environmental labeling standards, to carry out environmental labeling certification is very timely and necessary to promote the entire industry to produce more environmentally friendly, truly energy-saving door product development.