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Steel Security DoorType And Size

Aug 28, 2017

In order to protect the property at home, security door is absolutely not less, and now the country for the safety performance of the security door made a more advanced requirements, so the purchase of security door is very necessary. So what is the size of the anti-theft door size? Here to understand the standard size of anti-theft door it.

First, anti-theft door type

Anti-theft door from the material is mainly divided into five kinds: steel, steel structure, stainless steel, aluminum and copper, they are in quality and performance have their own characteristics, the price is not the same.

1, steel security door

Can be said to be the most seen on the market, people use the most. People are familiar with the security door mostly belong to this series. This type of door price is cheaper and reasonable, its sales accounted for more than 90% of total market sales. The shortcomings of this door is the appearance of hard lines, it is difficult to integrate with the modern interior decoration.

2, steel doors

Is a kind of indoor decoration can be a kind of door, generally made by the user requirements, anti-theft performance using the middle of the steel plate to achieve, manufacturers can choose according to user requirements different colors, wood, lines and patterns and interior decoration , No longer like the steel door as cold and uncoordinated. So its price is more expensive than steel security door.

3, aluminum security door

This kind of door aluminum alloy material is different from what we see ordinary aluminum doors and windows, its hardness is high, and the color is bright, and then decorated with pattern modification, giving a sense of resplendent, is a mid-range security door. Because this door is not easy to fade, so also have a certain consumer groups.

4, stainless steel security door

Stainless steel security door durable, more secure. At present the market stainless steel security door has many colors, there are silver, yellow titanium, rose gold, red titanium, black titanium, rose red, and many other colors, there are stamping patterns, the general steel security door pattern in stainless steel The door can generally be achieved, and now the market price of stainless steel door 400-700 range, depending on whether the material is 201 or 304. Do the best choice for stainless steel doors larger manufacturers from the installation site near, so easy to do aftermarket parity.

5, copper security door

Most of the copper security doors will be the traditional anti-theft and home doors into one, advanced models, but also in the fire, corrosion, tamper, dust has a good performance. From the material point of view, the copper security door is the best, from the price point of view, it is also the most expensive, the market can see the basic price of more than ten thousand yuan, the most expensive up to several hundred thousand dollars. It is mainly used for banks and other financial institutions or senior residential villa use.

Different materials, different technology, coupled with the brand differences, the price of anti-theft door from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, the first to buy anti-theft door to understand the characteristics of various types of security doors, choose their own and affordable to accept the door.

Second, the security door standard size

Standard anti-theft door has four specifications, one, width: 860 × 2050 high, two, wide: 960 × 2050 high, three, wide: 960 × 1970 high, four wide: 860 × 1970 high, height 2050mm is 2.05 The total height of the door frame, if the user hole height is 2070mm can buy 2050mm height can be, need to stay about 20mm margin, when installed is easier to adjust.

Double open anti-theft door without standard. Only single door, 960 * 2050 860 * 1970 child door (thirty seven) 1160 * 2050 1200 * 2050.

Different levels of steel plate must meet the requirements of the thickness is also different. General family with a small level, the front plate thickness is 0.8, rear plate 0.6, door frame 1.5, which is the national standard.

Steel doors are generally 4CM thickness, steel non-standard door 5CM, 7CM, 9CM, 12CM, etc., stainless steel are generally 7CM, copper doors are generally 5.6CM, 7CM, the specific depends on customer requirements, or accessories Of the restrictions.

When we buy anti-theft door, if the user hole height is 2070mm can buy 2050mm height can be, generally to set aside about 20mm margin, so easy to install when adjusted.

Of course, we can also according to the size of the hole to customize the size of the door to determine the size of the security door. For example: If the door size is 2 meters wide and 0.7 meters wide, the size of the security door should be: 1.93 * 0.61 meters. The specific algorithm is:

The door size is high 2 meters -0.01 (upper mouth of the installation gap) -0.02 (subglottic gap can be considered small points) -0.005 (door on the mouth of the seam) -0.035 (door frame) = 1.93 meters;

The door size is wide 0.7 m -0.035 (door frame) -0.035 (door frame) -0.005 (door edge seam) -0.005 (door on the seam) -0.02 (door about the installation gap) = 0.61 m If the blockboard Package, the door can be large, according to the actual situation may be.

Above is the anti-theft door standard size of the relevant content, hope to help you.