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Steel Wooden Door A Package Door For Interior Decoration Is Basically Not Equipped With Anti-theft Performance

Oct 23, 2017

Steel-wood interior door is a set of matching doors for interior decoration, basically does not have anti-theft performance, users can be provided according to the manufacturer's advertising page selection of different colors, wood, lines and patterns and other interior decoration as a whole, no longer as cold as the steel door of the uncoordinated. Its price is also cheaper than the steel security door.

Steel and wooden doors are generally divided into two kinds, a kind of steel wood interior door, used for interior decoration of the set door, the other is called the armored door. The above two doors are developed on the security door, many things on the process from the anti-theft door, the structure of the steel plate and wood mixed structure, it is called steel wood door.

Steel wood interior door: is a kind of room interior decoration door series. The outer layer uses the steel plate, the inside uses the wooden frame, the paper shell and so on the environmental protection material to fill, the price preferential, is the market more mature accepts the higher degree of the middle-grade interior door. Many dealers or line of the wife of this type of door referred to as steel wood door. Because the surface materials and anti-theft doors are different, so can only be installed indoors, to avoid the sun to the place, so called the interior door. The combination of the two is called a steel-wood interior door. Plus the door will be fitted with the door, so it can also be called Steel wood interior set door.

Advantages of steel-wood doors:

1, the number of painting less than two to three times, cost savings, but also a lot of oiler, only in a strong impact after the deformation will not easily deformation.

2, the door closed basically no noise, artistic sense strong, moderate weight.

Disadvantages of steel-wood doors:

1, the door set for multi-layer composite boards, not suitable for bathroom use. Not suitable for humid climates!

2, the South climate change is relatively large need to use high-density plate-sticking plate!

3, after the impact of the steel plate will produce small pits, can not restore the prototype.

Advantages of steel-wood doors:

1. Beautiful

Fashionable, color plump. Beautiful generous, rich artistic feeling, three-dimensional strong. The surface of the use of color process, applicable to all types of room style, noble and elegant, personalized design, the quality of life to perfect interpretation.

2. Environmental protection

Steel and wood interior door using high-quality steel and solid wood composite, not including formaldehyde, toluene, no radiation, is an excellent green products.

3. Energy saving

Steel wood interior door, relative to the solid wood door saving more than 60% wood.

4. Economic

The perfect combination of door frames and doors, easy to install, save time, save workers, save money, is an economical and affordable product.

5. Practical

Steel wood interior doors with good strength, no deformation, strong and durable advantages.

6. Long Endurance

Moth-proofing, moisture-proof, anti-fouling, heat-resistant, crack-resistant, strong and not deformed, sound insulation effect is good, is a durable product.