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Steel Wooden Door Appearance Style More Beautiful And Generous

Sep 30, 2017

In contrast to steel doors, steel-wood doors are more aesthetically pleasing and generous because of their appearance style. And more and more by the vast number of owners love. Steel-wood doors are mainly steel-wood structure, the door is surrounded by steel plate buckle together, the frame generally for the decorative surface of steel sets. As a new category, for steel and wooden doors of the purchase and advantages and disadvantages, consumers inevitably have some doubts. The following small editors will be related knowledge of steel and wooden doors.

1. Before you know the price of steel and wood door, we can first understand the choice of steel and wooden doors. First of all, we need to know the characteristics of steel wood doors. The steel wooden door does not need to use the Carpentry Foundation in the installment, and does not need to use other auxiliary materials. But there needs to be a complete cement doorway. This requires the user to know the size of the wall hole (minimum wall hole height, minimum wall width and maximum wall thickness) before buying the steel wood door.

2. Steel wood door anti-theft function is mainly through the middle of the steel plate to achieve, so in the purchase of doors to pay attention to the steel wood door laminating steel thickness, high-quality steel wood door thickness should be 0. Above 5mm (National industry standard). If the thickness of the steel plate is less than 0. Below 5mm is inferior steel wooden door. Pay special attention to this point.

3. Choose steel wooden door do not ignore the frame material and thickness. Steel wooden doors supporting the door frame material for solid wood multilayer, material thickness of 2cm thick and 3.2cm thick, 2cm thick general only suitable for a separate door sleeve. The window cover (does not match the leaf door), with the steel wooden leaf gate the matching frame thickness generally chooses 3.2cm thick. Select the line, optional polymer materials (not easily deformed) style optional flat lines and wavy lines two.

4. Buy Good steel wood door, the last step can not be taken lightly, each section of steel wooden doors need to choose the matching hardware, With the door supporting the hardware is divided into hinges. Door suction. Three kinds of locks, metal materials should be selected alloy or stainless steel, especially the best selection of stainless steel hinge hinges, with the mother hinge installation of the door and the gap between the small, relatively beautiful.


1. Steel Wood Door Advantages: In the small tip we know that steel doors with anti-theft function, in addition to anti-theft this advantage. The advantages of steel and wood doors: steel doors also have environmental protection, cost savings. Because the steel door in the workmanship do not need to paint, so less paint pollution and less oiler, so that more cost savings. Steel and wood doors in the sound insulation, heat insulation steel door effect is also particularly prominent.

2. Steel wooden Door Disadvantage: More heavy, gate sleeve and hinge high requirements. Paint-Free door sets are more prone to problems. Now the market on the steel doors of the growing number of brands, a mixed bag, small brands are often not perfect technology. So it is more likely that there will be problems in terms of quality.