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Steel Wooden Door Of Environmental Performance Is Good

Jun 01, 2017

  Steel Wooden Door are a kind of Steel Wooden Door, plus wood surface treatment of indoor doors, Steel Wooden Door of environmental performance is good, Steel Wooden Door market demand is also great.

  Steel Wooden Door maintenance small measures

  Steel Wooden Door can be considered a common door at home, and almost every home will have Oh! But how to maintain the Steel Wooden Door and make it longer life is the majority of housewives do not know, the following describes how to maintain Steel Wooden Door. First of all, in the removal of Steel Wooden Door surface stains, the use of soft cotton cloth wipe, with a hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface. When the stain is too heavy, you can use a neutral cleaning agent, toothpaste or furniture special cleaning agent, to stain, and then dry wipe (avoid rinse with water). Pay attention to immersion neutral reagents or water wipes do not place the Steel Wooden Door in the surface for a long time, otherwise it will soak the surface, so that the surface finishes discoloration or stripping. Steel Wooden Door at the edges and corners do not rub too much, otherwise it will cause the edge of paint off.

  Second, hinge, lock is the activities of accessories, the occurrence of loose, should immediately tighten, hinge position sound should be timely oiling, lock is not flexible to the keyhole to join the appropriate amount of pencil core, can not just fill the oil.