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Steel Wooden Door Strong And Durable

Nov 03, 2017

Steel and wooden doors are generally divided into two kinds, a kind of steel wood interior door, used for interior decoration of the set door, the other is called the armored door. The above two doors are developed on the security door, many things on the process from the anti-theft door, the structure of the steel plate and wood mixed structure, it is called steel wood door.

Steel wood interior door: is a kind of room interior decoration door series. The outer layer uses the steel plate, the inside uses the wooden frame, the paper shell and so on the environmental protection material to fill, the price preferential, is the market more mature accepts the higher degree of the middle-grade interior door. Many dealers or line of the wife of this type of door referred to as steel wood door. Because the surface materials and anti-theft doors are different, so can only be installed indoors, to avoid the sun to the place, so called the interior door. The combination of the two is called a steel-wood interior door. Plus the door will be fitted with the door, so it can also be called Steel wood interior set door.


1, steel wood door strength, not easy deformation, strong and durable, not afraid of water, suitable for kitchen door;

2, the interior is a number of fillers, not solid wood, lighter than the other components, reducing the limit of the leaf door falling (resulting in a closed);

3, the most important point, the price of steel and wood doors affordable, the vast majority of families can accept, this is also one of the characteristics of steel and wooden door more popular;

4, in addition, steel and wooden doors of various styles, any type can be suppressed, you can also according to preferences, imitate your favorite wooden door flower type, beautiful and generous;

5, for dealers, the advantages of steel and wooden doors, it is easy to install, simple and quick, no need to unlock the hole of the steel wooden set door

6, Non-toxic Green Health and environmental protection!

Advantages: The number of painting less than two to three times, cost savings, but also a lot of oiler, only in a strong impact after the deformation will not easily deformation.


The South climate change is relatively big need to use high-density plate to stick the steel plate!

Steel wood door is also the home of the common door, almost every home will have Oh! But how to maintain the steel and wood doors to make it longer life is most housewives do not know, the following describes how to maintain steel doors.

First of all, when removing the surface stain of steel wood door, use soft cotton cloth to try, use hard cloth to scratch the surface easily. When the stain is too heavy, you can use a neutral cleaning agent, toothpaste or furniture special cleaning agent, to stain, and then dry rub (avoid rinsing with water). To pay attention to the neutral reagent or the water dishcloth do not in the steel door surface for a long time, otherwise it will leach damage surface, so that the surface of the material discoloration or stripping. Steel wood door edges and corners do not rub too much, otherwise it will cause edges and corners paint off.

Second, the hinge, the lock is the movable parts, when the loose, should be tightened immediately, the hinge position should be timely oiling, lock opening when not flexible to the key hole to add the right amount of pencil at the end of the core, you can not casually inject oil.

Again, because the wood has dry shrinkage, wet swelling characteristics, in the case of a large difference in temperature and humidity, such as a slight cracking or contraction, this is normal natural phenomenon, do not panic, with the seasonal changes, this phenomenon will naturally disappear.

Finally, in order to maintain the bright color of steel doors, should be regularly waxed for its maintenance.

Reasonable and appropriate maintenance of steel wood doors, can effectively extend the service life of steel doors, so that your family to save more money!

1. Make the steel wooden door in normal room temperature, humidity, prevent the product because of the wet temperature difference is too large and deformed, metal fittings appear corrosion rust, sealing edge, veneering material off. When using electric heating or other heating equipment in winter, it is necessary to keep away from wood products so as to avoid heat deformation or surface damage.

2. Winter heating problems, indoor do not too dry, the humidity in the air to keep at about 40%, to steel wood door, even to the home is the best state. Summer as far as possible to avoid the outdoor sun for a long time, to prevent steel doors heated.

In the important position of the steel door, such as: door lock, Hinge and other places, if the occurrence of loose imagination immediately tighten, there is a blunt sound needs to be on the lubricant to ensure that not wear the key parts of the regular activities.

3. Steel wood door paint afraid bump, open or close the doors, do not force too strong or open angle too big, lest cause damage, pay attention to the steel wood door corners do not too much friction, otherwise it will cause edges and corners paint off, so in the impact protection should pay attention.

4. Cleaning, can not use organic solvents scrub, organic solvents will certainly destroy the surface of the paint layer. Steel wood door is solid wood epidermis, very afraid of fire.

5. When maintaining the steel-wood door with glass, be careful not to infiltrate the detergent or water into the crevice of the glass layering.

6. Steel and wooden doors are afraid of water, if it is really blisters, generally speaking very troublesome, but for the problem of moisture-proof, finished steel wood door industry has done a good job, kitchen bathroom to pay attention to, do not water, especially the bottom of steel doors door cover.

Hot and cold weather, changes in the Four seasons, steel and wooden door maintenance is very important, correct maintenance, can extend the service life of steel wood door! The maintenance of steel-wood doors is something we must pay attention to.