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Steel Wooden DoorSturdy And Durable

Aug 28, 2017

Steel Wooden Door are a kind of steel doors, plus wood surface treatment of indoor doors, Steel Wooden Door of environmental performance is good, Steel Wooden Door market demand is also great.

The characteristics of Steel Wooden Door

1. Fashionable, full color and color. Beautiful and generous, rich artistic sense, three-dimensional sense of strong. The surface of the use of chromatography process, applicable to all types of room style, elegant, personalized design, strength of the perfect interpretation of quality of life;

2. The use of high-quality steel plate embossed and wood within the composite made of ribs, fashionable and rich colors;

3. The introduction of advanced technology and equipment, a unique thermal transfer technology, sophisticated technology. Steel plate after the transfer was natural woody; facade realistic, bright color, feel smooth, delicate, durable products; high hardness, good gloss, no deformation, anti-aging.

4. Dust, moisture, pollution, heat, crack, solid deformation, sound insulation effect is good, is a durable product;

5. Non-toxic, tasteless, non-formaldehyde, toluene, no radiation pollution, environmental health, is an excellent green products;

6. Door frame and the perfect combination of doors, easy to install, is a cost-effective products.

Steel Wooden Door maintenance small measures

Steel Wooden Door can be considered a common door at home, and almost every home will have Oh! But how to maintain the Steel Wooden Door and make it longer life is the majority of housewives do not know, the following describes how to maintain Steel Wooden Door. First of all, in the removal of steel doors surface stains, the use of soft cotton cloth wipe, with a hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface. When the stain is too heavy, you can use a neutral cleaning agent, toothpaste or furniture special cleaning agent, to stain, and then dry wipe (avoid rinse with water). Pay attention to immersion neutral reagents or water wipes do not place the Steel Wooden Door in the surface for a long time, otherwise it will soak the surface, so that the surface finishes discoloration or stripping. Steel doors at the edges and corners do not rub too much, otherwise it will cause the edge of paint off.

Second, hinge, lock is the activities of accessories, the occurrence of loose, should immediately tighten, hinge position sound should be timely oiling, lock is not flexible to the keyhole to join the appropriate amount of pencil core, can not just fill the oil.

Again, because the wood has shrinkage, wet swelling characteristics, in the case of large differences in temperature and humidity, such as the slight cracking or contraction, which is a normal natural phenomenon, do not panic, with the seasonal changes, this The phenomenon will naturally disappear.

Finally, in order to maintain the bright color of steel doors, wax should be regularly for its maintenance. Reasonable and proper maintenance of steel doors, can effectively extend the life of Steel Wooden Door, so that your family save more costs!

Steel Wooden Door accurate method

The actual size of the hole height reduction by 40mm (door cover plate thickness + door width = net door fan height).

Actual door size reduction 60mm (door plate thickness 2 + door width = net door width)


1, such as similar size, such as high 2060mm, can be made into a standard door, so that one is fast shipping, the second is affordable.

2, Steel Wooden Door door door can do multi-layer board and 3.5 thick two sets of door sets, door line width for the flower line: 70mm (steel lines).

3, the door size: the largest size: 940mm * 2180mm * 45mm

Minimum size: 680mm * 1750mm * 45mm (except flat door)

4, the door size of the calculation method:

A, the door height is equal to the height of the door minus 40mm (including the thickness of the door frame, the gap between the wall and the door frame, the gap between the door frame and the door).

B, the door width is equal to the width of the door by 60mm (including the thickness of both sides of the door frame, the gap between the door frame and the wall, the gap between the door frame and the door)

5, the door frame requirements: the normal specifications of the door frame height of 2060mm, 2100mm, 2150mm, lengthen the specifications set.

6, line specifications:

A, line uniform height of the provisions of 2200mm or 2700mm (five for a).

B, the width of the line specified for the large steel T, plastic arc and other specifications.

C, the length of the line head calculation method: door width + door and the gap between the two sides of the door frame + line width)×2.