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Teach You How To Identify The Real Copper Door And Imitation Copper Door

Jul 01, 2017

  Teach you how to identify the real copper door and imitation copper door

  We may be on the real copper door and imitation copper door a bit puzzled, and now by me to explain to you teach you how to identify the real copper door and imitation copper door

  Tongmen has always been out of the ranks of high-end copper doors, copper door atmosphere, noble to show the distinguished status of the owner, with the development of the copper door market, the price of copper doors for the average family, a little bit high. In this case, the appearance and the real copper door is very similar to the imitation copper door came into being, imitation copper door appearance and the real copper door similar to the performance and real copper door almost, relative to the real copper door, The price is more moderate, suitable for mass consumption, you can use up and have the extraordinary tolerance of copper doors, loved by the vast number of consumers.

  As a new product imitation copper door since so popular, showing that its market competitiveness is also very large. In the market competitiveness of such a large market, some businesses in order to obtain greater profits, it will make a lot of good quality imitation copper door, making many consumers suffer after the purchase.

  So, how can we identify the true and false imitation copper door, and will not buy the time to buy a poor quality imitation copper door? Teach you to identify imitation copper door true and false, mainly to see three aspects:

  First look at the color: fake imitation copper door is only in the smooth plastic powder blending some of the copper powder, electrostatic spraying, reducing the adhesion with the plate, this will erase the metal, so the metal is not strong, the color will Uneven. And relatively speaking, the real imitation copper door, in appearance with the copper door is similar to the metal sense and color uniform.

  Second, look at the lines: one is painted with a black grid, one is imported black gold atomized spray, compared to the difference is easy to see, with black gold silk sprayed real imitation copper door lines more Clear and intuitive.

  Finally look at the paint: poor imitation copper door paint is not bright enough, and easy to fade, drop paint. Also, in addition to the above three points, at the time of purchase, let the business to produce a certain certificate, and then to ensure the quality of the sale.

  With these more than the introduction, basically poor quality imitation copper doors can be identified, if there is still doubt, you can consult experienced copper door technician, do not map a moment to buy a trip but the quality of the door, otherwise the back of the bad Regret it all late