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The Copper Door Is A Tailor-made Product

Jun 16, 2017

  The copper door is a tailor-made product. Its price is usually determined by the size of doors, the thickness of door panels, the simplified of carved decorations and the grade of locks. Door area large, copper thickness thick, carved complex, exquisite workmanship of products, the price of natural high. In addition, the copper door lock, brass handle, red copper handle can be single, such as with the copper door customization, will also be included in the total price

  Brass doors are made from copper, and can be colored after chemical treatment on the surface, and we can understand that because of the copper door's own material, its maintenance is very important, if its surface paint off, the copper inside will be exposed, and copper once the oxygen contact with the air will occur oxidation reaction, resulting in copper rust, resulting in patina, affect the appearance of the door. Maintenance of copper doors it is important to maintain the integrity of the paint outside to prevent bump and impact. Ordinary copper doors in the high-end products will be expensive, and in the use of the need to be extra careful carefully, in the ordinary maintenance of copper doors, you can use dry towels to clean it. But it is not possible to use detergent that contains a chemical that destroys the paint's protective layer, and it needs to be slow when opening and closing the copper door, to a large extent preventing the copper door from colliding with other things and causing the copper door's protective layer to be damaged.