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The Copper Door Is A Tailor-made Product

Nov 01, 2017

The copper door is a tailor-made product. Its price is usually determined by the size of doors, the thickness of door panels, the simplified of carved decorations and the grade of locks.

(1) According to the actual size of the site, with square steel welding frame, the interface is filled with full welding treatment, external buckle copper profile welding.

(2) The method of making copper coins: tailoring → bending → manual drawing → chemical oxidation → cleaning → natural drying → spraying protective layer (special varnish) → High temperature oven baking (160℃-220℃).

(3) The method of making copper door frame is as follows: material selection → cutting → welding → polishing → anticorrosion and antirust treatment → cutting edge stamp grinding → brazing and pasting and covering.

(4) Glass and copper plate interface when installing glass sealant treatment, glass and square steel interface with special Anti-collision bar at the bottom.

(5) The installation of the door: according to the location of the frame, find the appropriate position on the ground spring, and then install the copper doors.

(6) Installation of copper door standards: Copper door and copper door, door frame between the gap is less than and equal to 8mm, copper door and copper door between the flatness is not less than 2mm.

Welding process

1, the quality of welding directly affect the quality of assembly, so in the installation of components, to strictly control the gap between welding, error, such as errors, after the installation and assembly of the welding node must be qualified after the inspection of welding welders.

2. Pre-welding preparations

(1) The assembled welding joint has been inspected by hand to welder for welding;

(2) Check the welding position of the foot-hand erection is safe and reliable;

(3) clearing the weld Groove area, and bringing the baking electrode to the spot welding spot.

3. Welding work

(1) In order to avoid welding deformation, the use of symmetrical welding (including butt welding, vertical welding, oblique welding);

(2) The welding process of the weld slag, except splash, found defects in time with angular grinding wheel, remove defects;

(3) The welding work is finished, the weld area and the welding work site clean, transfer to the next welding node.

4, after welding inspection

(1) After the weld is cooled, the weld seam appearance inspection;

(2) There should be no cracks in the weld, copper door the weld metal and the mother material between the complete fusion, all the gaps are filled;

Treatment process

1, treatment process: derusting and rust remover-washing-pickling polishing-washing-neutralization-washing--coloring treatment--washing--drying and other post treatment 2, pickling polishing recommended use of copper pickling polishing liquid for treatment. The purpose is to make the brass surface shiny.

3, this product is the work liquid, will immerse the workpiece in this product, 2 minutes or so brass surface turns black cyan, according to the experiment result. When soaking time is 20-25 minutes, the quality of surface discoloration is best, copper door and good rust-proof performance can be obtained. The workpiece can be repeated immersion, increase the thickness of the color layer, can obtain satisfactory results.