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The Five Elements Of Feng Shui In The Decoration Of Villa Copper Door

Oct 13, 2017

The five elements of feng Shui in the decoration of Villa copper Door

With the rise of retro wind fashion trend, the strong cultural atmosphere of the copper door was favored by the architectural decoration, especially the Villa copper door began to enter the ordinary family. Long history of Bronze doors its installation of feng Shui is very important.

1, the door to those commercial office buildings, institutions, villas natural performance is also excellent size, moderate, it is the fa├žade of a house, to clean and bright, Ming Yue, all the emperors, ancient buildings are left with copper products bright, wide flat, not dim complex, the size of the door and the house, copper door will be anti-theft and home, not only the size of the pattern to cooperate. House door small, or house Menda are advanced style, and in sterilization, fire, anti-corrosion, tamper-proof, ominous phase, moderate, small door big, gas in immediately out of dust has excellent performance. Come, money can not stay, easy to loose money. If it is too small, although the financial comparison will not leak, but people will become narrow-minded, stingy, also for ominous, so the size of the door should be moderate.

2, the door is not to have other people's roof, cornices, Beast Head, road, such as ominous objects Chong. If it is the road of the Chong, if for the Yuan Yun Qi is auspicious, there is "Chong Le Palace priceless" reputation. The rush of the road, not suitable for the Yuan Yun is fierce, can be used to block the tree or the door shift. copper Door The trees to be shielded should not be too high, otherwise the air port cover, yin gas is too prosperous, and the main disease.

3, the front of the house not to the ancestral temple, temples, in general, the temple is the Shrine of God ghosts, Yin Qi is very heavy, Yin Qi is evil heavy, the door is necessary to open in the angry side, that is, the place where the yang is heavy, copper Door so the gate to the ancestral temple is to be avoided; A person who is easy to be psychic, alcoholic, delirious, and idle.

4, the door is facing the roof corner of the house opposite, Wan Plus to a sharp knife, not only in the residential health is extremely unfavorable, but also affect the harmony between people and people, the home Zhongcai Yun is also a great damage.

5, the doorway should not be shaded by big trees. The door for the entire residential air port, through this kou, can be good gas introduction, copper Door if the tree a block, ventilation, Yang gas into not to go, Yin Qi and out, the sun is covered, so that the house produced damp, so fierce. Trees can not be too prosperous to cover the roof, will affect ventilation and sunshine, make the house dank.