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Villa Courtyard Copper Door Maintenance Need To Pay Attention To What Issues?

Sep 28, 2017

At present, for the courtyard outside the eaves of the copper body shape larger and elegant, and as a common door, although slightly smaller, but the same rich style, taste good. Tongmen has been in this era has been to maximize the upgrading of the level of technology has also been greatly improved, more and more people choose copper doors, although all know that the safety of copper doors, a very small number of people on its daily maintenance With maintenance. The more effective the maintenance of the copper door to enhance the service life.

Generally introduced, the modern brushed copper door color can be done nearly ten kinds. The interior of the copper door is a steel frame, and the external package is made of copper panel. Easy to bend plastic, easy to crack the T2 copper belt is a very good copper door profile, in the use of copper doors more. Although copper is anti-corrosion materials, but the copper doors in the production often also do its further anti-corrosion treatment. For example, first in the surface drawing, and then a number of surface cleaning, passivation, partition panel profile surface contact with the corrosive material to maintain the original color of copper. Followed by no less than two times the phosphating treatment, the formation of a protective film on the surface, which also after the spray paint, 1600 degrees Celsius baking, natural cooling and other steps, a Tang finished copper door to the final completion. As for the door of the steel skeleton, have been hot-dip galvanized, and then the copper structure welding, installation. In addition, with other materials like the door, the copper door should be customized, the workers on-site investigation to determine the details of the size, and then go back according to the relevant data and graphics cut, and then home installation.

1, outdoor copper doors to rain and snow.

Copper is a very stable metal, its anti-corrosion performance is very high, as long as the conventional method can be taken care. However, copper doors, although natural anti-corrosion, but encountered a lot of sulfur and sulfide, or easy to produce chemical changes. So, need to remind you that the copper door if used in the outdoors, such as the villa door, etc., it should be wrapped in the frame outside the door, from rain and snow, to prevent precipitation in the sulfide corrosion.

In fact, the reason why the copper door loved, to a large extent with its fine decoration, these decorations are copper art. As an ancient art, copper used in the copper door, mainly after some, hollow, forged after the pattern and auspicious patterns. Comparison of the classic animals in the four and deer, crane, mandarin ducks and other flowers and plants, or text decoration abstract patterns complement each other, entrusted to the people of evil spirits, evil, blessing and other good wishes. In addition, some of today's European-style bronze doors in the details of the carving also draw on Western architectural elements, such as the use of copper doors on both sides of the multi-gram type, type, type, tower dry, Classical, Roman column style, the overall feeling of the atmosphere of China and the United States.

In terms of practicality, copper doors are more durable than ordinary doors, not only does not exist deformation, cracking problems, but also high-tech lock, anti-theft performance better, longer life.

2, copper door lock key points

For the copper door lock to consider the two aspects of aesthetics and security. Copper door texture luxury, lock the atmosphere should also be solemn, can not flow in the usual. A lot of copper doors are used in the above to make a variety of decoration, such as patterns, in order to match with the copper door, choose the best selection with the copper door quite high-tech lock. In addition, the security of the lock is also important. There are many high-tech locks, such as passwords, mechanical triple play, can be used for copper doors.

Bronze door characteristics is a kind of appearance and practicality are very ideal door products, with classical elegance and deep connotation, and the safety of the door is also higher, can be a competent guardian.

Copper door performance characteristics are very many, the most prominent is its appearance characteristics, the reason why the copper door for centuries, but also because of its temperament vigorous, never out of date. Tongmen is always a symbol of noble identity, and copper doors will be the ultimate representative of high-end products. To Tongmen-based building, the ancient Chinese to have, copper nature of the warm, corrosion-resistant, anti-bacterial anti-oxidation, easy to damage, longevity in the wood, compared to brick, copper door more resistant to age, and graceful, Vigorous and calm in the elegant, cang ancient implication new ideas. Through Seiko to create, ingenuity, all the workers of the United States. The traditional building of the elegant, but also the material of the strong, and waterproof, anti-corrosion, the superb copper technology and the perfect combination of modern technology, can make a limited space volatile unlimited tolerance.

Therefore, the copper door is an intrinsic temperament, not just a surface of luxury, it is a cultural heritage of the show, of course, is a symbol of identity.

Tongmen is a tailor-made product. Its price is usually determined by the size of the door, the thickness of the door panel, carved decoration and the lock and other factors. Door area is large, thick copper thickness, carved complex, exquisite craft products, the price of natural high. In addition, the copper door locks, brass handle, copper handle can be a single match, such as with the copper door with custom, will be included in the total price.