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Villas To Install Copper Door Several Reasons And The Future Development Trend Of Copper Doors

Aug 08, 2017

  Villas to install copper door several reasons and the future development trend of copper doors

  Villa door features excellent.

  1, excellent color effects, if your indoor door is the use of copper doors, will carry some of the unique texture. Also, the color will be so that you will never be able to achieve the same decoration and texture with other materials. Sometimes designers get stained or painted to enhance their artistic flavor and beauty. The same time as

  2, the other make them glazed so that they look very smooth and very nice touching. You may have seen the old-fashioned building, the copper door is quite frequent. Despite being of centuries old, age is as new as glory. They are the real classic items, which is why you will find that most elderly people have the home of the interior door art. The same time as

  3, almost no need to maintain, is a major advantage, you are derived through the installation of indoor doors is that they need little maintenance. Of course, the material is sensitive to moisture, but this can be easily used to prevent maintenance. You only need to pay for the copper door with paint, its life will rise in many ways. The same time as

  4, reduce energy and utilities costs, with their warm and glowing a lot, your interior doors can greatly reduce your energy and utilities costs. Your monthly bills will result in lower, especially in the winter. Copper doors can reduce the requirements of indoor heaters and other equipment, which will inevitably mean lower power consumption, and a corresponding reduction in electricity. These doors are also excellent insulators, and when you think they have some loss of their insulation ability, to a certain extent, you can always add a copper door to the foam core, which has the effect of preventing heat loss. The future development trend of copper doors

  Although the current energy-saving copper industry in China has been developed by leaps and bounds, but compared with the market demand, there are still some problems, the main manifestations of two aspects: First, the product all-weather problem, the second is cost-effective. All-weather products refer to the copper door products that can meet the requirements of different climatic conditions in China. It can meet the requirements of winter insulation and summer insulation in the north, and meet the requirements of anti-seawater corrosion and anti-sunlight in the southern coastal areas. Cost-effective problem refers to how to make more new energy-saving Tongmen products still live in the old house in the ordinary people in the home.

  Energy-saving copper doors have now reached around the building energy-saving design standards for the proportion of copper doors about 50%. At the same time due to energy-saving copper door products than the average content of ordinary products, the national quality inspection departments of its supervision and inspection efforts, "roadside shop" and "guerrillas" bad example, Higher than ordinary products. General qualified energy-saving doors and windows products profit margin of about 12% -15%, relative to the profit margin of less than 5% of the traditional doors and windows products, energy-saving doors and windows is clearly more favored by the enterprise. Therefore, in recent years, many have a certain strength of the profiles manufacturers and doors and windows curtain wall enterprises have joined the energy-saving doors and windows industry, so that the scale of the industry continues to expand.