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What Is A Steel Wooden Door?

Jun 05, 2017

  What is a steel wooden door?

  Steel-wood door (armored door): It is a kind of door which can be fitted in decoration, generally can be made by the user requirements, anti-theft performance using the middle of the steel plate to achieve, manufacturers can be selected according to user requirements of different colors, wood, lines and patterns and other interior decoration into one, no longer like steel door as cold as the uncoordinated. Therefore its price is also more expensive than the steel security door. It is steel wood for the structure, the door around by the steel plate buckle together (some of the use of welding), the door frame generally for the decorative surface of steel, the surface to do paint-free treatment or paint processing.

  Advantages of steel and wood doors:

  1, steel wood door strength, not easy deformation, strong and durable, not afraid of water, suitable for kitchen door;

  2, the interior is a number of fillers, not solid wood, lighter than the other components, reducing the limit of the leaf door falling (resulting in a closed);

  3, the most important point, the price of steel and wood doors affordable, the vast majority of families can accept, this is also one of the characteristics of steel and wooden door more popular;

  4, in addition, steel and wooden doors of various styles, any type can be suppressed, you can also according to preferences, imitate your favorite wooden door flower type, beautiful and generous;

  5, for dealers, the advantages of steel and wooden doors, it is easy to install, simple and quick, no need to unlock the hole of the steel wooden set door

  6, Non-toxic Green Health and environmental protection.

  7, the number of painting less than two to three times, cost savings, but also a lot of oiler, only in a strong impact after the deformation will not easily deformation.