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Why Do The Steel Wooden Door For Environmental Protection?

Aug 03, 2017

  Why do the Steel Wooden Door for environmental protection? Because with the rapid growth of building materials market consumption, Steel Wooden Door as a new environmentally friendly indoor doors are widely appear in the major building materials market, and soon occupied a relatively large market share, many consumers do not know the steel What is the environmental protection of the doors?

  First of all, Steel Wooden Door are built on the basis of anti-theft door developed, then it is the owner of the same characteristics with the anti-theft door, the appearance of steel plate embossed, the interior through the wooden keel fixed the entire frame, and through three hundred degrees Of the high temperature surface treatment, making the surface smooth paint, delicate.

  Steel Wooden Door are steel and wood for the structure, around the door through the steel plate, glued together in the actual operation process does not require the use of too many adhesives and paint and other accessories, so the Steel Wooden Door are absolutely non-toxic, environmentally friendly new product.

  Brand Steel Wooden Door manufacturers are strictly follow the production process of the various processes, from the sheet metal workshop Jianban, punch bending, phosphating treatment, the surface of the workshop spray, transfer, to wash the door, cover paint, film, Inspection, edge, packaging, etc., each process are strictly follow the 6S management. Consumers from the market to buy high-quality Steel Wooden Door, dealers must be asked about the production process of the various products to understand the actual Steel Wooden Door and materials, and Steel Wooden Door on the surface and material carefully observed, check whether there is a product certificate or Regular manufacturers of the brand certificate, so as not to buy fake and shoddy products.